About Us

Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, F.O Safety Eyewear is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Factory Optical and Optiks International Group of Companies – a Canadian optical retailer with origins in Western Canada. In addition to 17 retail locations under the banner Optiks International in Alberta and British Columbia, and nine Factory Optical locations in Saskatchewan, we have partnered with additional locations in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. Thus, expanding the reach of our Corporate Safety Eyewear program across Canada, where we will continue to offer the same great product and personal and corporate safety solutions, supported by licensed optical professionals.


Our Promise

Fair Pricing

As part of our commitment to ensuring the best fit for all our patients, we offer package pricing, with common price points across our suites of frames and lenses, eliminating any financial motivation for choosing one frame over another, and leaving the decision down to fit.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for whatever reason, the patient is not perfectly satisfied with their prescription safety glasses within the first 30 days of use, we will work diligently with you to remedy the issues and will offer a free replacement pair if necessary.

What We Deliver

At F.O. Safety Eyewear, our prescription lenses are digitally manufactured to guarantee they meet all CSA standards. The lenses we provide are polycarbonate, fully digital, and hard coated.


Safety Eyewear FAQs

Are safety frames one size fits all?

No, safety frames are not one size fits all at all. A customized fit is important.

After much research, we narrowed down the fit to 45 frame options to suit the broad a range of face shapes, prescriptions and needs. We believe our selection of safety frames allows for tailoring the perfect fit without overwhelming the wearer with frame options.

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Do I need to be fit by an optician?

Yes, Licensed Opticians have been trained and educated to interpret prescriptions and their impact on lens size and shape, and by extension, corresponding frame selection.  They have been trained to dispense products properly, to assure proper fit. To sell online, or to entrust non-Licensed personnel to perform this act is not only a violation, but represents in our estimate, a grave disservice to the wearer. 

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Will I have warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1-year warranty on frames and lenses due to manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship. We understand that safety eyewear will undergo a lot of stress, which is exactly why it’s important to have this warranty. This helps prevent employees from trying to do their work with damaged eyewear.

Can I use my insurance benefits?

Yes, you may use your insurance benefits when purchasing frames from F.O. Safety eyewear.

Can I mix the Everyday 2 for 1 promo with both safety frames and regular frames?

Yes, we always want to give our customers the most flexibility in their frames purchases. You are able to mix a safety frame purchase with a regular prescription eyewear frame purchase using our ongoing 2 for 1 promotion.

Am I able to purchase frames from F.O Safety Eyewear without my employer’s involvement?

Yes, even if your employer is not enrolled in our corporate safety eyewear program you can still purchase safety frames through F.O. Safety Eyewear. Insurance benefits can be used towards the purchase of these safety frames, regardless of the involvement of your employer with our corporate program. 

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